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Ethics and Standards

1. SASLHA Policies

2. Professional Issues

  • Guidelines for Infection Control
  • Guidelines for working in the Medico-Legal Domain
  • Guidelines regarding harassment in the practice or the workplace
  • Position Statement for Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Position Statement for Multilingual Populations
  • Standards for Audiology HPCSA 2002

3. Business Issues

  • Advertisement Audiology
  • Advertisement Speech Therapy
  • Advertisement template
  • Contract for Locum Tenens
  • Contract of employment
  • Contract Payslip
  • Guidelines for the provision of speech and language therapy and audiology in private sector
  • Indemnity cover Regulations
  • Leave provision BCEAct for Contract Workers
  • Undesirable Business Practices HPCSA

4. Newborn Hearing Screening and Early Intervention Hearing Conservation in Industry

  • Guidelines Early Communication Intervention
  • Guidelines Newborn Hearing Screening

5. Hearing Conservation in Industry

  • 1 Guidelines for Hearing Conservation in Industry
  • 2 Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulations
  • 3 Instruction 171_Gazette
  • 4 PLH Calculator
  • Audiogram 1
  • Audiogram 2

6. Dysphagias

  • Guidelines Adult Dysphagia
  • Guidelines Paediatric Dysphagia

7. Speech Language and Hearing Screening

  • Guidelines for Hearing Screening in Pre-schools and Schools
  • Guidelines for Screening for Speech and Language Problems in Pre-schools and Schools
  • UK National Screening Committee re Speech Language Delay

8. Public and Private Sectors

  • Guidelines for service provision in the private health sector
  • Guidelines for service provision in the public sector

9. Other Useful documents

  • 2010 Joint Position Statement re Internet sales of hearing aids SASLHA.SAAA
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act-SUMMARY
  • CPD Guidelines
  • Curriculum vitae template
  • HPCSA Ethical Rules Amendment 2009
  • HPCSA Ethical Rules Generic 2006
  • HPCSA Revised Policy on Undesirable Business Practices
  • The Patients' Rights Charter

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