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Click Here: Risk-Adjusted-Strategy-Regulations-Gazetted-29 April 2020
Click Here: Permit: Essential or Permitted Services
Click Here: Resources from the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (saiosh)
Click Here: WHO: Disability considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak
Click Here: HPCSA: Application of Telemedicine Guidelines
Click Here: HPCSA: Amended Telemedicine Guidelines during COVID-19
Click Here: HPCSA Booklet: General ethical guidelines for good practice in telemedicine 
Click Here: Extension of annual fee payment 
Click Here: Discovery Revised funding for ATP Telehealth  Virtual Therapy
Click Here: Discovery Health Revised Telehealth  VCon Rates - Speech Therapy
Click Here: Discovery ATP VC Verification Form
Click Here: Discovery In-House Schemes participating in Telehealth for ATP discplines
Click Here: Universal COVID-19 telehealth provider association letter_ (002)
Click Here: Medscheme Telephonic and Virtual consultation codes - Healthcare Professional Communication_Update_07042020
Click Here: Schemes under Medscheme administration
Click Here: BestMed.and CAMAF

SASLHA Guidelines and Statements
Click Here: SASLHA COVID-19 Statement
Click Here: SASLHA Info on Telepractice (Guidelines)
Click Here: Telepractice Informed Consent 
Click Here Practical Guide to Tele-audiology
Click Here: COVID-19 Employment rights
Click Here: Clinical management of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 - 20 May 2020_V4
Click Here: SASLHA Dysphagia Guidelines during COVID-19